New Level Coming Out Soon!

I’ve been working on a new addition to “Singing Lessons for Little Singers.” It will be a new level that will come previous to the current edition, focusing on preschool and early primary-aged children. Some of the highlights will be:

  • Creative movement and character songs focusing on hissing, buzzing and sirens to teach breath control and pitch differentiation.
  • A slower, structured approach to learning pitch and scales using the descending third (Cuckoo) and pentatonic scale (Ring Around the Rosie).
  • Multi-level objective songs that can be returned to as students develop skills. (ie. just hissing, adding movement, adding chanted words, adding sung chorus, adding sung verses, etc.)
  • A slower introduction to solfege.
  • Integrated rhythmic activities.
  • Multi-intelligence learning through singing, movement, pictures, worksheets, etc.

This is still in the development stage, so let me know if you have any suggestion!




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