Little Singers Level B Update

Little Singers - Very Young Beginner SeriesIt has been two and a half years since we officially released Level A of the Very Young Beginners Series.  We believed in a simple and yet revolutionary concept: that children as young as preschool are not only capable of singing songs, but also learning music theory and vocal techniques that are typically held back until later years.  We envisioned a singing lesson book series that would teach substantial songs, theory, and techniques in a exciting way that reached young kids at their level.  After much struggle, we brought Level A of that series to reality.

Since then, we have been amazed and humbled by the response by thousands of voice teachers from around the world.   It did not take long for the positive feedback to come pouring in:

A friend asked if I would give her young daughters (ages 5 and 9) vocal lessons. I am very musical but not trained in music education, so it was important to me to find a program that could walk me though teaching voice. This book was a great help! The lessons are fun and teach key components of singing such as correct posture, correct breathing, matching pitch, etc. It uses physical movements to help teach the concepts. The free downloadable CD tracks were also very helpful. I highly recommend this product.
(Ann S,

Thank each of you for supporting Singing Lessons for Little Singers!

As you know, Level B was originally slated to come out during 2013, but has experienced several delays.  The good news is that we are close to publishing a pre-release edition of Level B!  Though we cannot with certainty give a hard release date, we are shooting for the back-to-school season in September.

Keep visiting our Facebook page for more updates as we get closer to publishing the pre-release and later the first edition of Level B.  We will again be looking for more Level B tester-teachers to try out the new level and send us feedback — an application will be posted at the time of the pre-release publication.  It is anticipated that Level B will also include lesson plans and singing tracks like Level A, though these may not be ready for the pre-release edition.  As always, feel free to contact us with questions or comments via email or Facebook and we will get back to you.

We wish you the best in your musical endeavors!



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